As developers (or nearly at every other technical profession really) we constantly strive for mastering all the sorts of technologies we work with on a daily basis (there is nothing wrong with it though) but we sometimes forget (or have not come to the realization of) something that is equally important for our career and for our personal growth, and that is being able to effectively communicate with colleagues at work, with our management, our customers / clients, etc.

Having as two of my main goals becoming a better software developer and a better communicator I joined the firebootcamp at SSW (a post about this shortly). And precisely today we had the opportunity to have a short 30 seconds group presentation about ourselves and a potential side project we’ll be working on for the next nine weeks.

What was the result of my presentation? plenty of erms and hmms and  an introduction that was too short for the time allocated (even with the inclusion of a bad joke at the end!)

Fortunately the response, feedback and support from our team and instructor was excellent and we had a second go at it which it went reasonably better than the first one, it is incredible what we can achieve in  such a short period of time if some feedback is provided and we’re prepared to listen to it and act accordingly.

Being said that, I thought it would be relevant to share this experience along with some tips I’ve found on how to improve your communication and presentation skills, who knows, maybe you or me will be the next Scott Hanselman’s of whatever the field you want to be good at is !

  • Join your local Toastmasters club, there is a very low cost associated to it and you get great tips and feedback.
  • Any TED that sounds interesting will do, you can have a look here

Who is your favorite speaker? can you give us another topic on how to improve your communication / presentation skills? I’d love to add it to this list !.

Thanks for reading